*This firmware does NOT work with Batumi rev 07-2017 or later.

Here I release a new firmware for XAOC Devices’ wonderful LFO module Batumi,
it’s called “INDIVIDUAL WAVEBANK” firmware.

Based on Matthias Puech’s great “EXPERT” firmware, I added some functionalities. With it UI became a little complicated, but you can get further flexibility.

Firmware download
GitHub repository (for those who are interested in)

This firmware has these advantages;

– You can choose DEFAULT waveform (Saw, Triangle, etc.) or RANDOM waveform as ASSIGN output for each channel individually

– RANDOM waveform type (Stepped, Smooth, etc.) is no longer associated with Poti or jumper setting – so you can select different RANDOM waveform type for each individual channel

– Added “Restore Defaults” functionality – it resets ZOOM mode and ASSIGN output waveform settings at once

Note : ZOOM mode can be used as “EXPERT” firmware.


In this mode you can choose waveform for each ASSIGN output.

To enter this mode, press the MODE button for 2 seconds.
After the MODE LEDs are animated, it enters WAVEBANK SELECT mode.

Note : If you press the MODE button for 4 seconds, “Restore Defaults” function will be activated. So after entering this mode please release MODE button.

In WAVEBANK SELECT mode, moving corresponding slider will select waveform for that channel. You can select the value from 0 to 4. It means 0 when slider is at bottommost, and 4 when at topmost.

MODE LED will show you which waveform is currently selected.
Unlit LED means 0.
When LED is blinking, you can judge which setting is currently selected from how it blinks. (You will understand immediately, please try)

0 : Default (Saw, Ramp, Triangle, or Trapezoid – Selected by Poti as usual)
1 : Stepped Random
2 : Smooth Random
3 : Stepped Logistic (*)
4 : Smooth Logistic (*)

* “Logistic” means the waveform by Verhulst’s logistic map algorithm which is available in “EXPERT” firmware.

When setting is finished, tap the MODE button then Batumi will go back to normal state.

<About Poti (or jumper)>

On “EXPERT” firmware, RANDOM waveform type was determined by Poti setting. But in this firmware, as described above, it’s independent of Poti.
In other words, Poti only affects channels with Default waveform.

<“Restore Defaults” functionality>

Pressing the MODE button for 4 seconds activates “Restore Defaults” functionality.
When activating it, the MODE LEDs are animated, then it resets these internal settings;

– All settings in ZOOM mode
– All settings in WAVEBANK SELECT mode

If you find any problems with this firmware, please feel free to contact us.
I’ll make effort to fix it.